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Do you have a platform to reach males between the ages of 18-50 years old?
The MaleCamGuide affiliate program makes it easy for you to make great money by promoting our training guide for men interested in being webcam models
that work with female performers.

The Male Cam Guide is a newly launched e-book written by Jake M.

A Little About Jake

A 5 year professional of the webcam industry, Jake has worked with over 40+ female performers. He is one of the most successful male webcam models in the business. It is typically quite difficult for men to succeed in the webcam industry. However Jake has thrived by using a series on online marketing/advertising strategies, his knowledge of the industry and online business in general to bring him an endless supply of talented female partners.

He is trusted by his peers and has great relationships with his clients.

Every day on cam Jake gets asked “how do you get so many girls to work with you?”, “How can you perform so long” etc… This is why he wrote the guide. There is a big demand. This is the “dream job” in many men’s eyes. Men want this information.

On Top Of The Guide

On top of the Training Guide, purchasers are also given the opportunity to opt-in to our “Find a Partner”. This is a private area of the site where female models can connect directly with male talent and start their own webcam/content partnerships. This is a huge selling point to potential purchasers. 

What We Payout

We offer a 75% commision on all sales! 

So You Get Paid Over $45 For Every Referral!

How It Works

We use Clickbank.com as our affiliate portal. If you’re not a member of clickbank yet,
Sign Up Now for free.

Once you are a member of Clickbank, you can log in and you search for the malecamguide in the market place by looking up “malecamguide” and then click the “Promote” button located next to our listing. Or if you are a clickbank member already, simply click here to get your personal promo link.

You will be given a unique “hoplink” for our guide.

This link does two things:

1.It will make it easy for you to send your traffic to our site.

2.It will track which sales came through as a result of someone clicking your link to ensure you are payed.

If you’re worried about your Hoplink being too long (or just not pretty enough!) to post on social media etc we suggest you use tinyurl.com to easily shorten your link.

How You Get Payed

Clickbank offers the following payment methods for promoting the malecamguide.com:

-Direct Deposit
-Wire Transfer
-Firstchoice (Payoneer)

The Best Ways To Promote

If you have a website, popular online webcam profiles and or active social media accounts with traffic from our target demographic there’s a few things you can do to easily earn money promoting Malecamguide.com from your existing traffic.


-Post Your Hoplink to Your fans on Social Media using txt along with banner images in posts

-If You are a Webcam Model, you can also post the hoplink on your profile pages, upload our banners with your link and add them as items in your online stores so you can make money without doing any extra work.
You can also post your hoplink in any online conversation you’re having where you think the audience will be interested in the malecamguide. So always have your hoplink handy!

-Create a Blog Post/Content/Email To Subscriber list about Malecamguide and add your Hoplink in the txt or add your link in a Banner (see below to download banner images)

-Set up Pay Per Click Banner Advertising Campaigns on Adult Advertising Networks With Your Hoplink as the target URL

If you have any questions about how to effectively perform any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you set up a campaign.

Our Banners

Right click on any of the banners below to save them and use them in your advertising campaigns with your hoplink as the target url. If you require custom specs, email [email protected] for a customized banner. Check in here often, as we’re always adding new banners.

mcg banner 315-300
mcg banner 2 315-300
mcg banner 300-250

What to Say About The MaleCamGuide on Social Media

When pitching the malecamguide on social media, there’s a few simple lines you can use that won’t take up too much space. The following lines are just suggestions, feel free to post whatever you are happy with:

Sample Post Ideas:

“If you’re a guy interested in being a cam model that works with girls, check out *insert your hoplink”

“Guys, Interested in working with girls on cam? *insert your hoplink

“Thinking about being a male cam model? Learn how here *insert your hoplink

“Connect with camgirls looking for male cam partners at *insert your hoplink

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

For people interested in paid advertising, setting up a PPC campaign for Malecamguide.com can be a great way to earn money as an affiliate.

Adult networks such as trafficjunky.com can provide great value for money and automatically post your ads onto some of the highest trafficked adult tube sites in the world such as pornhub,redtube etc. Which are great places to find our target market. More traditional methods such as Google Adwords also work well.

KeyWord Ideas For PPC Campaigns
*Make sure you use have both versions of “cam model” and “webcam model” in your phrases as these are both terms that will be used.

“How to be a webcam model”
“How to be a male webcam model”
“How much money do male webcam models make”
“How to be a cam model”
“How to be a male cam model”
“Webcam model jobs”
“Make money webcam modelling”
“Do male webcam models make money”
“How to get into porn”
“How to be a male porn star”
“How to be a male porn actor”
“Porn jobs”


You can embed the following Malecamguide Pitch Video Youtube URL into any website or content you post:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRbdsy23ytc 

You can also create your own review videos of malecamguide and upload them to youtube etc with your hoplink in the description. Make your titles in the videos things that budding male webcam models would be actively searching for.

If you have any questions or propositions regarding our affiliate program, get in touch with us today using the form below or:
Email [email protected]
Phone: +1 778 300 4785

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