“Why would men waste money on cam girls when there’s so much free porn?

I hear this question so much, both from guys that don’t use cam sites or at least pay for them and girls that are interested in working with me.
Here’s the thing…Live cams and traditional porn are two completely different things. Well ok, not completely different but lets agree to go with different… for now. I’m going to say one key word 3 times in slow motion for dramatic effect (coz I’m all about the drama) here it goes…….LIVE…LIVE….LIIIIIIIIIIIVE….Live cams are live. PORN ISN’T.
Porn is for getting a load off, Live Cams are for interaction….and then getting a load off.
Live intereaction is very valuable, super entertaining (when done right) and something a large number of people are willing to pay for. I’m not trying to say porn doesn’t have value. It does. I’m just saying people group porn with live cams together like they are the exact same thing and they are not.

Let me put it this way:

When your favourite music artist comes into town, do you ask yourself “why the hell would anyone pay $50+ a ticket when I could just watch and listen to all their songs and previous concerts for free on Youtube?”  Probably not. You’d sound like a bit of a sad dick wouldn’t you?

Well then…I guess we have our answer.

So at this point I could probably wrap this post up and you’d know why guys spend money on live cams. But unfortunately for me Google needs longer posts to rank me so I guess I’ll keep going and try and figure out some other ways to explain the difference between Live and Not live and why guys drop thousands on cam sites. I guess I better come up with a clever hook…Hmmm..How about…

Why The Internet Is Destroying Real Social Interaction & Is Awesome For Cam Models

 For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been a male webcam model for over 5 years now. I work exclusively with female performers doing couples, threesome and foursome shows.

I’m lucky enough to “work” around 6 hours a day 5/6 days a week so I’m able to learn alot from my paying customers in terms of what drives them to spend money on live cams.

Have you noticed how addicted people have become to the internet and their devices?

Odds are you probably are a little bit too right? We all need it now don’t we? That quick shot of adrenaline you get when you open up your facebook/twitter/instagram and see how many likes/shares or retweets a post of yours gets..What a feeling!
Oh how “connected” we’ve all become! right? Talking and communication is so easy now with all these advancements in technology! right? Well…no not at all really. In fact multiple studies have shown that social anxiety is going through the roof and real social interaction/connection is down… “bigly”.

But for cam models, this is actually pretty awesome for business in my opinion. Because there is a generation of guys that aren’t getting much real life social interaction with girls.
They still instinctlively crave it though.
So where can they go to get their social fix with beautiful women?
Cam sites like Chaturbate or MFC.
They’re going to go and hang out with their female cam friends for an hour or two a night, have a chat, have some laughs and maybe spend a few bucks for the good time. I mean, how much does an average night out at a bar or club cost for a guy? By the time you buy yourself some drinks, maybe also buy a girl you’re interested in some drinks, grab a drunken kebab or slice of pizza, cab ride home…Maybe $100? All of a sudden dropping $50 on your fave cam model sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Especially considering the high likelyhood for orgasms!

Cam girls don’t just provide entertainment value. They often also play the role of therapist, girlfriend/friend too. Guys really open up to their fave cam girls. They really build a strong, open and honest connection which again, they are willing to pay for.

The less spending guys make in real life on entertainment/socializing the more money they have to use on cam sites.

Cam sites are also addictive. Very much so for certain personality types. There is a reason why most sites have spending limits like gambling sites do…Because there is a % of guys that are completely hooked on the thrill of cam sites and will drop every cent of their paycheck on it.

So why do guys spend money on livecam sites?  Because they are getting something valuable to them. Something they think is worth their hard earned money.
And the good news for cam models is, the more addicted people get to finding their social and entertainment needs online, the more money the live cam industry will generate which means more money for models.

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