I get asked a lot of the same questions every day from guys that watch my live cam shows.
Mostly, How do you get girls to work on cam with you? How do you last so long on cam? etc. It’s why I started this website and  I wrote a guide for men teaching them how to do what I do.
Another question I hear a lot is How much money do male webcam models make?

The Adult Performing Industry is mainly dominated by female performers. It’s no secret that straight men account for most of the spending on live adult cam and porn sites.
And straight men want to spend their money on women performers not men. Right? Well…Kind of…
There is still obviously a demographic of viewers that are gay or bi and want to see solo men or guy on guy action.  But for this post I’ll be talking about how much money straight male cam models can make catering to a straight audience performing couples cam shows.

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a male webcam model for over 5 years now. But I’ve performed  in the niche of couples/threesome and foursome shows with women. At the time of writing this I’ve worked with 44 women on cam.
Starting out it became pretty obvious to me that the best way for a guy to make good money in the adult industry would be to build partnerships with multiple female performers and do shows together.
By doing that, you kind of flip the whole thing on it’s head..Because you still get the straight guys that want to spend money on the girls you work with, but the best part is, you have the ability to perform with multiple women and keep getting new women to work with which always keep your cam profiles fresh and exciting. Solo performers (both women and men) can’t really do that. So I think that’s been a huge key in my success and longevity .

So common then! How Much Money Do Male Cam Models Make?

Drum roll……It depends! How much money a male cam model working with female partners depends on a lot of things. But the single most important factor is how good/attractive/charming/engaging/entertaining your female partners are. At the end of the day, the straight guys spending money are still spending money on wanting to see the women perform acts on you, so the more they like the girl your working with, the more they’ll spend and the more you’ll make.

This is the reason that I’m very pickly with who I work with.
I’ve set up a system where I hear from girls every day that want to work with me. I usually get a little over 100 emails a month from female cam models that want to perform with me on my cam profile.
But I prefer working with quality over quantity because that’s the best way for a male to make great money on cam. WORK WITH GREAT PARTNERS!

How much you’re going to make also depends on a few different factors:
How long can you last on cam? What type of shows are you going to be performing? (fetishes, requests etc) What type of site are you going to work on? (private based site or token based) Are you Working Full time or part time? How good is your show? All of these factors (and a lot more) will effect how much you can make as a male webcam model that works with cam girls.

Here is a very general breakdown of what you can expect to make performing couples shows:

LOW END:$25/hr
ABOVE AVERAGE:$75-$100+/hr

And then you cam multiply this be how many hours your able to work on cam a day by how many days a week to see your potential.
I typically work around 6 hours a day and consistently make $75-$100 hr and average over $2k a week. But I’ve been doing this for a long time, built a solid fanbase and have a big list of great girls I can work with.

This job is like any other business where you’re only going to get what you put in.
There is a learning curve, it takes time to get great at this but the potential is so huge and the lifestyle/freedom it can give you is amazing.
The guide I created gives you the best shortcut your ever going to get in terms of finding out exactly how to get girls to work with you (the single biggest factor in making great money doing this) and how to perform awesome shows that generate money and the best sites to perform those shows on.

If you’re serious about being a male cam model, you need to check out my guide today and get connected with female performers via our “Find a Partner” section.

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How much money do male webcam models make?