Work on Cam With Jake.

Are you a 19yo+ women that is interested in performing webcam shows? Starting out alone can be difficult and very competitive. 

My name is Jake and I have been working full time as a web performer for over 5 years. I’m always looking for new professional minded women to share to cam stage with!

I specialize in live couples and threesomes shows.

You will never be required to do anything you are not comfortable with!

You can expect to make anywhere between $50 to $100+ an hour depending on your look and capabilities.

I also own and operate the private adult custom content company http://www.adultcustoms.com so if you’re worried about your privacy and looking to do videos where you don’t show your face, I would recommend checking that out.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Email:[email protected]
Call/Txt:778 300 4785


Jake helped me get my start as a webcam model. We performed couples shows together for 8 months and had a great time! I don’t know of any other men that have worked with as many women and had such a long and successful cam career. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from him and have a great time performing.

Jenny Jones

Former Cam Partner, Myfreecams.com/jenny_jones


Jake’s Bio

I’ve worked full time in the Adult Webcam Industry for over 5 years

exclusively as a performer that works with female models. I’ve performed 1,000’s of couples, threesome and foursome shows on cam.
I have worked on the majority of established cam sites and have over 50,000 “Fans”.

I’ve worked with over 40 Female Webcam Models and have maintained great relationships with them all.

It’s time to make amazing money performing on cam.

Female Models Worked With

Average Hours On Cam a Month

*Worked With Over 40 Female Webcam Models

*One Of The Leading Men In The Industry

*On Cam 5-6 Days a Week 6-8 Hours a Day

*Averages 130 Hours on Cam a Month

*Respected & Trusted By Female Cam Models

*Worked On All The Major Platforms



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The Adult Webcam/Content Industry has huge profit potential for couples shows.
There is much more demand than supply which is always a great thing in any business industry. 
A top model can consistently earn $200/hr, a lower end model can earn $20/hr and most solo models find themselves somewhere in-between at the $30hr range. Working with me you will usually earn anywhere from $50-$100hr.
Couples shows generally make more money on average.


The Following are 100% Real Testimonials from former cam partners, professionals and friends in the webcam industry.

I’ve been working with Jake for the last 5 months and we make great money together! He’s taught me so much about the webcam industry and performing in general. You’ll have a great time with him.

Tasha Grace- Twitter.com/tashagracexo

Cam Partner

Jake helped me get my start as a webcam model. We performed couples shows together for 8 months and had a great time! I don’t know of any other men that have worked with as many women and had such a long cam career. 

Jenny Jones- myfreecams.com/Jenny_Jones

Cam Partner

I’m the admin of a DM Twitter group which consists of  many successful cam models from different sites. Jake is the only male performer in this exclusive community. His expertise, insights and creativity are essential and always well received. If you’re looking to start in this industry, you could not be in better hands.

Tatti D- Twitter.com/tatti_d

Cam Model & Friend

The adult industry is complex and success can be futile. Good solid advice is extremely hard to come by. We’ve all spent hours googling and reading various forums and often end up more confused than ever. To have a proven performer as a resource is something I wish every Cam Model could have. Jake is not only a top model, he is incredibly hardworking, successful, and professional; the best of the best. In my experience, his advice is always 100% bang on. He will not steer you wrong.

Jessica Jade- Twitter.com/Iamjessicajade

Cam Model & Friend

Jake is a stand up, hard working (pun intended) guy. Everyone can learn a lot from his experience. If you are new to the webcam industry…This is a MUST!

Velvet Skye- Velvetskye.TV

Cam Model & Friend

We’ve all performed couples, threesome and foursome shows with Jake.  He’s always professional and really fun to work with. He understands how to put on a great show and connect with the clients. There’s a lot more to putting on a great cam show than most people think.

Hailey, Gracie, River- jakescamhouse.cammodels.com

Cam Partners

Jake is one of the few males that I have witnessed perform his butt off. He works a lot of hours and is extremely successful at what he does. He is very respected in the webcam industry.

Shelby Paris- Twitter.com/shelbyparis691

Cam Model & Friend

Starting out as a webcam model is hard without the right information. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need training from the right people. I admire Jake, he’s polite, open minded & full of great ideas. This industry is competitive! You need to stand out to be a top model. Follow Jake’s advice to be the best! 

Irinna Moris- Twitter.com/irinnamoris

Cam Model & Friend

I became familiar with the type of shows Jake does back in 2013 when he was performing with one of his first cam partners, Jenny Jones. Since then, I have seen Jake successfully work with multiple camgirls in a professional manner and help some of them get started with their solo accounts. He has shown to me that he is committed to his profession and truly loves and enjoys what he does. His happy partners and fans prove this to be true. 

Madison-Social Media Producer @realstreamate



Q. Do I Need To Have a Certain Look Or Be of a Certain Age?

A. I’m open to looks/ages. As long as you have a great personality and a good work ethic you should do great.

Q. Can Working with on Cam Really Be My Job?

A. Absolutely it can. I’ve earned a very comfortable living working with women on cam full time for the last 5 years and know plenty of full time female cam models from all over the world. If I can do it and they can do it,there’s no reason why you can’t.

Q. Do You Use Protection?

A. Yes

Q. Am I required to Do Things I’m not Comfortable With?

A. Absolutely not! Shows will be based on what you’re comfortable with.

Q. I’m Interested, What Should I Do Now?

A.Get in touch with me here. And set up a call/meet for coffee to go over some details!